We are passionate about assisting our clients with special needs to improve their quality of life. A loved one with special needs may have a limited ability to provide for themselves. Therefore,    it’s important to protect any gifts that they may receive, as well as any inheritance. Some special needs individuals receive government assistance such as SSI and/or Medicaid benefits. If those individuals were to receive a gift or inheritance, then that gift or inheritance could jeopardize their government benefits. That’s probably the last thing the donor of the gift would have wanted to have happen. We draft special needs trusts for our disabled clients to enable them to benefit from a gift or inheritance while preserving their government benefits. We help ease our client’s concerns regarding how their special needs loved one will be cared for in the years to come. We rely on decades of experience to achieve the best results for our client’s.      

Here is our process:

* You click on the contact button and then either call us or send us an e-mail. 

 * We talk to you to gain a basic understanding of your unique situation and concerns.

* We determine if we think we can assist you with your situation and concerns.

* We schedule an appointment for you. 

* We tell you what to bring to your appointment.        

* We meet with you to discuss your situation in more detail (the meeting will last approximately one hour). 

* We review information that you bring to your appointment.

* We evaluate your situation and discuss your legal options.  

* We discuss the cost for our services.  

* We determine the next steps.

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